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For more than 20 years we have been organizing personalized visits to Egypt. We know the culture, history and logistics of traveling in this region.

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Our daily departures guarantee means when you’ve decided on the ideal time frame, we fit our itineraries to your schedule. If you’d like to spend an extra day in Luxor or add on a few days to discover the Sinai

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For many people Egypt is The Pyramids. We take you there with your Private Guide to see and hear the story of this most famous place on earth. Fully expect to be overwhelmed by the wonders of Karnak, Luxor

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Feel your soul stir as you visit Karnak and Luxor Temples; be in awe of the Giza pyramids and its guardian Sphinx; experience the Valleys of the Kings, Queens and Nobles as explorers did in years past.

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We will customize your Private Tour of Egypt to include your interests and we can discuss additions you might enjoy. The country is vast, its history complex and there is so much to see beyond the well known sights.

What’s New

  • Jan 19,

    Temple of Hathor in Dendara About 40 miles north of Luxor is one of the best preserved and well ornamented temples in all of Egypt, the Temple of Hathor in Dendara.  Like most of Egypt’s ancient sites it too is located on the banks of the all important, country defining, River Nile. The Temple was constructed between 54 and 20 BC.  It was completed during the 21 year reign of  Queen Cleopatra VII, but when... More
  • Dec 18,

    In November we reported that there was great excitement about the results of thermal imaging work in the Great Pyramid in Giza; the anticipation is that there are other chambers and we wonder what they contain. Now, in Luxor, a Japanese radar system, the London Times reports, detects with 90% certainty, that there is a long lost tomb hidden behind Tutanhkamun’s and that it might contain the tomb of Nefertiti the stepmother of Tutanhkamun, who... More
  • Nov 12,

    Amidst the ups and downs and focus we are given on the bad news, its worth noting that some really interesting and complex research is taking place.  A survey using thermal detection has detected some strange oddities in the, over 4,000 year old Great Pyramid, in Giza on the outskirts of Cairo.  Apparently ‘higher temperatures’ have been found in certain areas.  Speculation is rife as to what this could be and what further treasures may... More
  • Oct 23,

    It will not have escaped  your notice that Egypt has had its fair share of political turmoil in recent years!  As a result it is sometimes difficult to learn about, or take note of, the facts that as a large country it has many huge projects under way and well, life just goes on.   Of tourism interest there is talk of a reconstruction of the Pharos in Alexandria, the original destroyed in an earthquake... More
  • Jul 23,

    Winter 2015 / 2016  ‘Come to Egypt’ Promotion on Private Tours to Egypt Promotional Booking bonus for all bookings taking place and paying 50% deposit during August, September and October 2015. For all traveling period commencing during October 2015 to April 2016 THE BONUS! Free welcome dinner at your Cairo Hotel upon arrival. Free Sound and Light show of your choice: At Cairo Pyramids and Sphinx OR At Luxor “Karnak temple” OR At Aswan Philae... More
  • Jul 16,

    We alway suggest Travel Insurance should be seriously considered when traveling overseas. One of the best, most reliable companies is Travel Guard which we suggest and which we have been using for many years. More
  • Apr 6,

    We had a very busy weekend in Philadelphia recently with lots of interest, I am pleased to report.  Egypt increasingly fascinates more and more people and whilst all can see and obviously recognize the Pyramids and some of the other antiquities, it is so important to understand the history and stories behind them.  The history is fascinating, vast, long (5000+ years!) and complex and it takes a skilled and learned person to bring them to... More
  • Mar 30,

    Today 2 April 2015 – it is now being reported in Egyptian press that the implementation of the new Visa process has been postponed until an On Line system can be running.  The new process was the subject of a lot of criticism from the Travel Trade business in Egypt. For many years our Guests on a Private Tour to Egypt have been easily able to get their Visa on arrival at Cairo.  A few days ago... More

Good to Know

NEW! COME TO EGYPT SPECIAL OFFERS FOR WINTER TRAVEL. FREE Sound & Light Shows, free meal and more. More

Flights. Multiple agreements with various airline carriers, enables us to find the best deals to fit within your budget. More

Hotels. Top quality hotels that we have long term relationships with. More

Guides. Having a qualified guide helps you see the true magic of Egypt’s rich culture and incredible history. More

Safety. Egypt has been a safe destination for tourism for years, despite the other situations in the general geographic area. Also, private and scored trips maximize personal safety. More

Attention Single Travelers!   We get many requests each year from single travelers wanting an individual Private Tour. Whilst our suggested Itineraries are priced based on 2, please just contact us for single traveler details.

Small Group Travel

Perhaps you are considering taking a Small Group to Egypt or Jordan?  Organizing a religious trip? Planning a family reunion or celebration? Putting together a trip for your school, church or university?  Egypt will surely be a memorable destination for it.  More

What Our Travellers Say

In Luxor I had the guide Hassan Amin. I cannot thank Hassan enough for my tours, as he was very interesting to listen to. Angel

We had a wonderful trip in Egypt! The time only passed too quickly! We had a terrific time and I would go back to Egypt again in a heartbeat. CF
Jordan was a wonderful surprise… Petra was terrific. The people in Jordan are wonderful… search heart! AP & CL
We had an absolutely wonderful time! The trip was everything we could have wished for and the arrangements and logistics were closer to perfect than anyone could have hoped. J.
Great trip.. can’t thank you enough.. This is the only way to see Egypt! Guides, drivers, etc were all top notch. We appreciate the upgrades at the Movenpick and the Nile Cruise. Amazing!
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