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Marcia with Egypt Magic Guide in Alexandria

Egypt Magic is owned  Marcia Roebuck and managed by Marcia.

We have had the good fortune to live in various countries and have travelled extensively around the world having been in the wonderful travel business for over 20 years. Yet the depth of history, the fascinating culture keeps drawing us back to Egypt, much has it has millions of visitors, ever since it became the world’s truly global tourist destination in the 1800’s!

Egypt is a real ‘must do,’ once in a lifetime destination. Our family will always remember riding camels amongst the Pyramids! That visit not only gave us an appreciation of the history but of a world much older than seen before. Of course, it’s fun too! Apart from the Pyramids, monuments, museums and temples, there is exotic food, sailing on the Nile, snorkeling and diving and so much to enjoy, too.

We also realized that to really appreciate and enjoy Egypt it is important to learn about the sites that you are visiting and to understand the culture, so that memories of your trip will be outstanding. The more you learn the more fascinating it is. Therefore all our tours are private, with you in control and an experienced Egyptologist as your guide.

Egyptians are friendly, charming and as a country economically very dependent on visitors. You are therefore assured of warm welcome.

Routes Beyond LLC is a BBB Accredited Business and member of various organizations, such as APTA we keep current with the latest situation and developments and of course, we visit the region regularly too!

Let us help you plan your trip of a life time to Egypt !

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