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We have several Suggested Itineraries for your Private Tour of Egypt.   However if you need to have a customised Private Tour for yourself, family or group you will receive the direct advice of an Egyptian Tour Manager located in Cairo.  They know all the sights, how to arrange the complex logistics to meet your needs.


Maybe you have a meeting, a special event or even a Wedding – our local experts will help you make the right choices!

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Latest News & Posts

Egypt Demonstrates Faith In The Future

Egypt was the destination of some of the earliest tourists in the world, conveyed by Thos Cooke, a longstanding brand, originally from Leicester in the United Kingdom.  Having been through many ups and downs, Egypt, like everywhere else has suffered a massive...

Egypt and The Nile

The Nile flows through the entire country, most of the population lives within a few miles of it and it is fair to say it is the life blood of the country.   Upstream daming is leading to political concern in the region.  This BBC clip gives a nice...

Egypt & Covid19

Compared to many place the impact in Egypt of Covid19 can be summarized as ‘not too bad’. Deaths June 5th 2020: 40 Infected today: 1348 Total Infected cases: 31115 Converted cases to Negative status: 9216 Fully recovered cases: 8158 Total Deaths to date:1166 Deaths...

Jordan Video

See the latest promotional video produced by the Jordanian Tourist Organization here.                                                    ...

Winter Review

We are pleased to say that we have received many nice comments about Egypt Magic private tours during the popular early year tours that we arranged.  Several of them really help show why a private tour (and of course one of our ours!) is the best way to see,...

Egypt and tourism, becoming popular again

Since the Arab Spring nearly a decade ago tourism to Egypt (the economies lifeblood) has been struggling. As we have noticed. things are looking up now.  The World Tourism and Travel Council recently released global travel statistics saying Egypt’s tourism sector...

Egyptair adding flights to the USA

From June 2019 Egyptair will fly non stop from Washington DC to Cairo, using a Dreamliner, Boeing 787 aircraft.  We just checked the fares and they look great too!

The Humble Falafel

The Humble Falafel!One of the joys of visiting the Middle East is experimenting with the varied, mostly healthy, food. I have been curious for a while about the Falafel (and how this concoction came to be) and thus, I was amused to come across, in one of my history...

Visiting Tutankhamun’s tomb…an update

Click here for a BBC article on the progress of the restoration work in Tutankhaumun's Tomb and how this might enhance the opportunity to visit it. Of course this is the gem in the Valley of the Kings, but we always have to advise that not all Tombs are always open...

And another massive find! Anyone who has been on any Egypt Magic Private Tour has likely been to Saqqara, to see the early pyramid there (even by Egyptian and Sudanese standards) and has been within feet of this this long hidden treasure. See here 

What Our Travellers Say

Overall a highly enjoyable trip!  Timing was well planned for all sites. Your company should be proud! 21 Aug 

We had a wonderful trip in Egypt! The time only passed too quickly! We had a terrific time and I would go back to Egypt again in a heartbeat. CF

Jordan was a wonderful surprise... Petra was terrific. The people in Jordan are wonderful... search heart! AP & CL

We had an absolutely wonderful time! The trip was everything we could have wished for and the arrangements and logistics were closer to perfect than anyone could have hoped. J.

Great trip.. can't thank you enough.. This is the only way to see Egypt! Guides, drivers, etc were all top notch. We appreciate the upgrades at the Movenpick and the Nile Cruise. Amazing!

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