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Private Tours to Egypt & Jordan

Private Tours in Egypt & Jordan

For over 20 years Egypt Magic has been offering Private Tours to Egypt and Jordan.

Chose from a selection of suggested itineraries or devise your own if you have specific interests  or places you want to explore.

From your airport arrival onwards all arrangements are made and you will have the services of expert local staff and your own Egyptologist or Guide in Jordan will accompany you on all sightseeing.

Why Egypt Magic

– see what you want, when you want at your pace. Follow your interest.  Designed for young and less young.  As you wish.

– Expert Professional Guide – vital for scholar or fascinated youngster or holiday traveler

– make best use of your valuable time, no waiting around.  Reliable and good quality hotels, vehicles and staff

– start – finish when you want. Relax or see more. Sample local cafes and culture if you wish.

– daily departures of course designed around your schedule.

– no waiting for buses and others!

– your money spent benefits local companies and local people – not large multi national operators!

– AND you will be surprised at how affordable this all is!

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Brief News Updates

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Aswan – On The Edge

Upper Egypt Aswan is my favourite place in Egypt.   It is set on the banks of the Nile (pretty much every town and village in Egypt is!) of course...

Avenue of The Sphinxes

Another Wonderful Egyptian Acheivement On the 25th November 2021 Egypt opened the Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor, which runs from Luxor Temple to...

The Palace Hotels of Egypt

The Palace Hotels Of Egypt Egypt being a fascinating country with a remarkable history, an important colonial outpost, a trading and communications...

Climbing Mount Sinai

Moses Mountain Sinai Peninsula: Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery are 2-3 hours drive from Sharm el Sheik, although we had driven in 6-7...

Preparing For Your Private Tour

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Customer Comments

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Our Guides and Egyptologists

Our Guides are local professionals , as well as often being  scholars, teachers and archaeologists.

All the staff of the local operator, who will take of you, are seasoned and experienced.

Egypt Adventure
7 nights

Palace Adventure
7 nights

Pyramid Adventure

7 nights - includes Nile Cruise

Ramses Adventure

10 nights - includes Nile Cruise

Egypt & Jordan 11 nights


Jordan Survey 5 nights


Egypt is the trip of a lifetime!

On my first unaccompanied trip I realized I was looking at rock.  With an Egyptologist the history and the stories came to life!

Top Highlights 

1. The Pyramids

Of course!  You have seem them in photographs but the first encounter is simply stunning!

2. Petra (Jordan)

Less well known than the Pyramids but the first encounter with Petra and The Treasury will take your breath away.

3. Abu Simbel

Set in the desert one simply wonders, how did they do it?

4. Karnak

Antiquities cover a vast tract of land on the north of Luxor.   Consider going to the Sound & Light Show for a magical atmosphere.

5. Feluca sail on the Nile

In the cooler evening air a felucca sail around the islands of the Nile in Aswan is memorable.  The great Sahara comes to the very banks of this mighty river.

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