Tourism is immensely important to Egypt and is part of  their history.  Indeed, the first tour operator, Thomas Cooke, saw the need  for guided and escorted tours to Egypt well over 100 years ago with his tours on  the Nile for the elite.  So Egyptian’s value tourism and look after the  tourism business as well as visiting tourists because it is important to the  economy and the person on the street.

Egypt has been a  fairly safe destination for tourism for years and has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years. Despite the other situations  in Iraq, in Israel and in Palestine etc, tourism in mainland Egypt (the Egypt of the  Classical tours) remains mostly unaffected. The Egyptian people, the vast majority who  are thoughtful and moderate in their views, generally like Americans enormously…we’re so  very similar when it comes to friendliness, warmth .

Yet as everywhere, incidents have occurred and thus there is a need to be cautious when it comes to safety and security.

And, of course, the way  the Egypt Magic tours are organized — private and escorted — maximizes  personal safety. You travel in a private car, with 2 Egyptians: your private  Egyptologist guide and your driver. You are as inconspicuous as it’s possible  for a Westerner to be! Your guide driver are both in constant cell contact  with our offices throughout Egypt…our staff will know where you are almost  every minute of every day.

The United States  Department of State gives advice and Travel Notices at the State Dep’t web site  US Govt Travel Advice.  Under the current world conditions the State  Department’s recommendation, and the recommendation of our Embassy in Cairo is usually:  maintain a discrete profile, avoid large crowds or demonstrations, be alert  about your surroundings and generally exercise prudence…and this is excellent  advice no matter where or when you travel.

Air travel continues to  be safe, both internationally and within Egypt.  And the security precautions  the Egyptian government has had in place to protect tourists since 1997 are  impressive. There are metal detectors at the entries to all the sites, and at  the hotel entryways plus you might see sniffer dogs and might be prevented from  driving directly to the hotel entrance unless your vehicle passes a stringent  inspection.  You will see the military presence everywhere and over-the-road  travel between certain cities tourists frequent is by army escorted convoy. And,  consequently, there have been no problems in mainland Egypt.

Tourism is one of the  country’s most important sources of hard currency, and besides not wanting any  untoward incidents, Egypt is pragmatic and wants in no way to jeopardize a vital  economic benefit. And, quite frankly, we would never want to send guests over to  a favorite destination in the world if we didn’t have an excellent expectation  that their time spent would be thoroughly and completely wonderful

Another ‘risk’ is road traffic and we use dedicated drivers and modern vehicles.

The final risk worth a mention is the sun! Egypt does not often have clouds to take extra special precautions with wide brimmed hats and sun cream!

We travel to Egypt regularly and are able to offer our  advice and observations.  Of course unless we are satisfied that guests  will have a great time then tours are not recommended.

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