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Private Tours - For Singles

A Private Tour - Egypt's Classical Sights and more

Exploring Saqqara

We get a lot of requests, from single travelers, men and women (‘Solo travelers’)who want to travel and tour alone on either one of our suggested Private Tour Itineraries or on a customized tour.  Sometimes travelers have a special interest or a specific focus they wish to pursue too.

We offer Private Tours to Egypt for single travelers exactly as we do for couples and larger groups. You will have all the benefits of our Private Tours:

– flexibility – start when you wish, start at the time you wish each day as well

– choose you pace, linger at Karnak perhaps – even return to the vast Egyptian Museum if you wish!

– you will have a Guide and Driver and car

– our Guides will advise of places to visit if you wish, for meals, also all our hotels have nice dining options on site, if you prefer.

– our Guides will also advise you on the cultural norms you can expect and how to get the most out of your Private Tour

– and you do not have to wait, as on a bus trip for everyone to gather.

Periodically, we arrange an escorted Private Tour to Egypt. If you are are interested in joining one of these please contact us for details.

“I think I understand this now!’

Egypt is generally a very safe place for the visitor and tourists are unlikely to be involved, unless they make specific efforts, or to be at all aware of the political upheavals of the last few years.  Cairo is a big and busy city and all travelers will command a certain curiosity – male or female.  Mostly it is little more than that.  Of course if you are with our Guide you will have little to worry about, other than making the most of the sights, markets and antiquities of Egypt.


Price wise our Single Supplement is normally 40% or less.



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