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Family Friendly Egypt

A Private Tour - Just for your Family

Family Friendly Egypt


Approaching Philae Temple

Approaching Philae Temple

Egypt continues to be a wonderful destination for families.  Many children are fascinated by the many stories of Ancient  Egypt.  The stories of the God’s  and Goddesses  continue to capture the imagination of generations of children.

Time spent with children in such a remarkable destination so often leads to quality time together, simply impossible at home or on many package tours.

Of course all our hotels and Nile Cruises cater for children with a wide breakfast menu, for example, along with swimming pools, even on the river boats.  Whilst Family Rooms are not as numerous in Egypt or Jordan as in many places, we do have access to various options dependent upon th exact family need.

Our Guides will be prepared to engage your children and you can tour at your pace, perhaps with some extra days at leisure for example.  If your children have special interests just let us know.

Parents and grandparents will remember for ever, the time they took the children or grand children to see the Pyramids and learn the story of Tutankhamen and much more.


Everyone wants to make friends…

Pricing We offer discounts for Children :

Under 3, mostly free of charge

3-6 yrs charge 30%

6-12 yrs charge 60%

              Over 12 are Adult.

Tours including air vary in the discount available.

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