Private Tours in Jordan

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JORDAN …Home to so many civilizations over 9,000 years. It is one of the oldest continuously settled places on Earth. And today, has one of the youngest populations on Earth. Where it’s not hard to meet people born in tiny villages or even in tents, who are now completely comfortable with WiFi. Where you can marvel at a camel-mounted Bedouin chatting on his cell phone. P1040650

Private Tours:  all of our tours are private, meaning that if you are a couple, two couples. or a family or group of friends…your tour will be private just for you.  We do not  put guests together who have not booked together.  We want your tour to be the most  exceptionally special and unforgettable experience possible and this is most likely when shared with companions of your choosing.

Choose from the following Suggested Private Tour Itineraries of Jordan:

Petra Explorer – 3 nights

Petra Explorer – 4 nights

Jordan Survey – 5 nights



Contrasts are everywhere…the lush greenery at Dana Preserve to the vast arid vistas of Wadi Rum. Romans ruled here and Crusaders fought. Biblical tableaux and carved petroglyphs. Caravans have crossed Jordan for millenia bringing riches and leaving treasures.

And then there’s Petra…

…only on the traveler’s radar screen since the early 1980’s but is now the country’s most famous site. A remarkable and vast area where it is possible to spend 1, 2 or more days.  It is so vast that to see, understand and explore the many off beat area’s, a Guide is really vital.  We offer various length Private Tours but all include at least a day in Petra.



Around the corner

Petra, rock colors.

Petra rocks!

As well as being historically fascinating, Petra has some of the worlds most extraordinary rock colors, which will leave you dazzled.  The buildings built in the rocks are simply unique and remarkable and thirsting for information from your Guide about how these ancient inhabitants lived.

We suggest one full guided day as being a minimum, a second day will allow a more leisurely exploration with the need for less daily walking.



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