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Newsletter Spring 2016

Prices Held

Once again prices for Private Tours in Egypt and Jordan have been held!  Obviously this is possible because of the ongoing downturn in tourism.  For several years now hotels have mothballed rooms, cruise lines have semi permanently moored Nile cruises, Egyptologist’s have found other work teaching, if lucky taking part in some of the archeology digs, some may have gone abroad, hotel and restaurant workers do whatever they can to keep their families afloat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYet at the same time, planning and work goes ahead on several exciting projects:-

  • you may have read that Japanese sonar equipment has led to the tantalizing prospect that behind Tutankamuhn’s tomb lies a space that could be the tomb of Nefertiti – one can only imagine what is in there!
  • those of you who have been to the current Egyptian Museum in central Cairo, as fascinating as it is, will perhaps feel at times that they have been in an overstocked warehouse!  Solutions are on the horizon as work slowly progresses on what promises to be a wonderful new Museum using many modern methods to interpret what is there.  It is taking shape (on a vast site) in Giza, a short distance from the Pyramids themselves
  • some projects are in process, such as the Avenue of the Sphinxes restoration in Luxor and others are finished, such as a new Nile Museum in Aswan, near the magnificent High Dam.

The Pyramids and the other famous and iconic antiquities will one day soon be full of visitors and Egypt, which was really the first ‘tourist site’ (thanks to Napoleon and Thomas Cooke!) in the world.  We exhibited at a Show in Philadelphia  a short while ago and many say ‘one day I will go to Egypt to see the Pyramids, or the Valley of the Kings….’.

This gives the people of Egypt great hope and cause for optimism.

20150321_093343In the meantime…..

We continue to offer great value private tours and guests continue to travel, albeit in smaller numbers. Those that travel say things like ‘once we arrived we never worried about security and we were looked after throughout’ or ‘to visit the pyramids, sit on them with just a small crowd was very fortunate’.  Many notice the quiet markets and hotels and workers have time to chat and share their stories whilst serving guests.

There are no specific Travel Warnings or Advisories regarding Egypt.  You can read all the State Departments cautions at www.travel.state.gov .  Feel free to contact us here too.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the outrages recently in Brussels, Lahore, Iraq and Syria.



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