1) Fly Well Travel (your Tour Operator):

Your contract will be with Fly Well Travel in Egypt. We are a corporate Limited Company with Tourism License No 566 granted through the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism since 1985.

For your financial security, Fly Well Travel is also a Member of the Egyptian Travel Agent Association (ETAA), and in addition we are IATA and ASTA members.


2) Security of bookings:

Please ensure the following:

  • Notify Fly Well Travel of your booking request in writing.
  • Fly Well Travel will contact you to review and finalize booking details.
  • You must confirm back acceptance of all proposed details and make the correct deposit / payment (as advised in your received details) to the company’s Bank account by wire transfer or by credit card (Visa cards, Master Cards and JCB cards are accepted).


3) Deposits:

Reservations requests should be made as early as possible to book the desired space of your holiday. Once space is booked and confirmed to you (excluding the Domestic flights), a deposit of 50% has to be transferred to Fly Well Travel or paid by acceptable credit card (Item # 2). Balance should be received latest 46 days prior to arrival date/s.

For confirmations with less than 46 days prior to arrival date, and during peak seasons “Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays”, a full payment is mandatory to secure your confirmed booking.

Deposits should be received within advised period/date indicated in our confirmation note. Failing to abide with the given time frame, will result to canceling your confirmed booking automatically by suppliers without notice.


4) Amendments:

Amendments to the original booking (if needed), should be requested the earliest the better and are subject to a new availability, further confirmation and abidance with original booking terms and cancelation policy.


5) Rates, Bookings, Payments and Cancelations:

“Unless indicated otherwise and excluding Airport departure tax”
Quoted rates are based on individual rates, per person in Twin or Double occupancy in American Dollars, including taxes & Service charges.

Discounted group rates can be arranged subject to separate confirmation. Minimum group size is usually 15 persons (or 10 rooms) for most of the suppliers. If the number of participants falls below this minimum, the tour will be re-evaluated and if applicable, participants will be responsible for additional costs.

All rates in general and specially airline fares are subject to change without notice. Airline fares are only guaranteed upon actual payment in full and actual issuance of airline tickets. Any increase in airfare will result fluctuation of tour cost.

* All rates are subject to change without prior notice in case of any official increase of entrance fees to visited places, taxation in Egypt or by selected suppliers.

* All mentioned minimum and maximum group sizes may slightly vary in accordance to the actual booked number of clients for a specific tour departure date.

II-Bookings, payments and refunds:
A) Bookings:
All booking requests should be made in writing (e-mail, fax or letter) the earlier the better to secure space. Telephone requests or calls can be attended, but never considered official until a written request has followed shortly.

Without prior special arrangements, for the Individual bookings, a deposit of 50% (Fifty Percent) of total cost is to be paid to Fly Well Travel upon hotel and /or cruise confirmation of requested booking. Balance to be paid and received in full maximum 46 days prior to arrival date. Failing to abide with payment policy, will result to release of booking by suppliers and may result to cancelation penalty if applicable.

As for groups, terms of payments will be detailed in our reply, and confirmation is subject to fulfillment of these terms.

** Bed Types for confirmed rooms: Even if confirmed Twin or Double bed room, it is always subject to availability upon check in at hotels and especially aboard the Nile Cruises. The Triple rooms are twin or Double rooms with extra bed or sofa bed.

** All Hotel Categories are on Egyptian rating standard made by the Egyptian ministry of tourism (as indicated in the official hotel guide).

B) Payments can be made by any of the following systems:
1) Bank Draft Check, in the name of “Fly Well Travel” sent to our head office (23 (A) Ahmad Orabi St, Giza – Egypt, Post Code 12411).
2) To be made by bank wire transfer (Swift) to our following bank account number:
Fly Well Travel
National Bank of Egypt – Sphinx Branch
Acc No: 11003005897
Swift Code: NBEGEGCX-188
Mohandeseen – Sphinx Square – Giza, Egypt
3) To be paid by Credit Card/s (Visa cards, Master Cards or JCB cards – in US Dollars)

preferably owned by the purchaser/s of our services as following:

If paying by credit card, according to our bank regulations (Arab African Bank), the following documents are required to enable our accountant to charge your credit card:

* A copy of your passport.
* A copy of both sides of your credit card with your own signature
* Authorization letter to Fly Well Travel allowing the withdrawal of the required amount from your credit card with original signature (same one should appear in your credit card and passport).

These documents should be received by fax, e-mail, or latest to be given to our representative upon your arrival at the airport; otherwise we won’t be able to proceed with your arrangements.

Important note:

A) If Credit card is not owned by purchaser/s, this must be advised clearly to Fly Well Travel for record on making the booking and before arrival.

B) Once all services have been provided and at end of your trip, all clients are kindly requested to sign our feedback quality report indicating that all services have been fully rendered stating standard of satisfaction.

C) Refunds:
All deserved refunds will be made to the purchaser through the same way money was paid to Fly Well Travel (e.g. Credit Card payment will be refunded to the same credit card and Bank wire transfer payment would be refunded to the same bank account transferred the money). No cash refunds what so ever can take place except for cash payments made after arrival/s.

Important: All deserved refunds for payments made originally by Bank wire transfer/s, are made after the reduction of bank charges which are borne by client/s.


6) Cancellations & Children Policies:

“Unless indicated otherwise in our confirmation note/s”

In general, if a confirmed booking is canceled during the following indicated period/s, cancellation fees will become mandatory and applied as following:

45 days or more prior to arrival date/s, no cancellation fee to be charged.
44 to 21 days prior to arrival date/s, 25% will be charged as cancellation fees.
20 to 15 days prior to arrival date/s, 50% will be charged as cancellation fees.
14 to 8 days prior to arrival date/s, 75% will be charged as cancellation fees.
Less than 8 days, no show, or cancellation on arrival date/s, 100% will be charged.

*** Important:

All cancellation notes should be submitted through our cancellation form in our website, to activate date and time of cancellation notice.


7) Responsibilities:

The responsibility of Fly Well Travel is limited. Fly Well Travel, its affiliates, and agents act only as intermediaries and agents for suppliers in all functions pertaining to hotel reservations, services, sightseeing tours, travel and transportation of whatever nature, which are not directly supplied by Fly Well Travel. All reservations, rates, schedules, accommodations and services are subject to change. All certificates and other travel documents for travel services issued by Fly Well Travel are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier/s (e.g. hotels, Nile Cruises, air and ground transport companies etc..), and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied (e.g. Egypt or any other country).

By acceptance of participation in a tour, the tour participant agrees that neither Fly Well Travel nor its officers, employees or representatives shall become liable for loss, damage, accident, personal injury, death, or inconvenience caused by or resulting from the malfunction of transportation equipment, hazards of sea, air or land, disease, local laws, strikes, any occurrence beyond the control of the Fly Well Travel , cancelation due to war, terrorist or criminal activities, imminent threat of hostilities or civil strife, acts of war or insurrection, fire, quarantines, delays, irregularity, theft, itinerary or schedule changes or cancelations, or for acts or omissions or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or carrying out the arrangements of these tours, or for personal dissatisfaction with itinerary or accommodations provided, or for any consequential or incidental, damages, whatsoever.

Fly Well Travel cannot accept the responsibility for loss or additional expense due to delay, or changes in schedules, or other causes. No responsibility is accepted for loss of, or damage to, baggage or any of the passenger’s belongings. Baggage insurance is recommended.

If the services included in the tour cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary, Fly Well Travel will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting to additional expense will be payable by tour participants and any resulting to savings will be refunded to tour participants, with due provision for Fly Well Travel profit.

Fly Well Travel reserves the right to decline, to accept, to expel or to retain any person as a member or participant of any tour as circumstances may demand it.

Fly Well Travel shall not be responsible for any purchases made by tour members during or outside of the tour, The issuance or acceptance of booking, invoice, receipt, or voucher, or the payment of a deposit or tour charges, shall be deemed to be consent to the above conditions, as well as to notices and disclaimers provided on our invoices, itineraries, tickets, vouchers, tour schedules, price lists, e-mail correspondences and announcements to tour members.

** All mentioned information about all suppliers (Hotels, Cruises etc) is subject to change without prior notice.


8) Claims and Complaints:

If client is facing a problem, or any lack of contracted services during his stay in Egypt, he should do the following:

  • Report his complaint immediately to Fly Well Travel Guide or representative with written copy to be sent by e-mail sales@flywellegypt.com or fax to head office, customers services (Fax: 00202-33450227 / Tel: 00202-33058885).
  • In almost all cases we can solve the inconvenience of our clients on the spot if reported properly and immediately.
  • If your complaint has still not been solved to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact   the General Manager of Fly Well Travel at the following Telephone Number: 00202 – 3305 8885 while you are still in Egypt (Sunday to Thursday 10.00 AM to 16.00 PM).

Fly Well Travel will not seize any efforts to solve all your problems while you are still in Egypt, but in case your problem was not solved in a satisfactory level, you still can report it to Fly Well Travel within maximum 15 days after your departure from Egypt. Complaints not reported while you are in Egypt, or reported after 15 days from your departure from Egypt can’t be adhered to.

Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with this contract, may (if you wish) be referred to the Egyptian Travel Agent Association (ETAA).


9) Insurance:

Fly Well Travel recommends that you purchase insurance before beginning your travel, including insurance for accidental death and disability, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancelation, major medical and loss of personal effects.


10) Baggage:

All luggage’s are required to have outside identification tags. Responsibility for luggage is at owner’s risk throughout the tour. Any loss or delay must be settled with the airline or the transporter directly, assistance will be given by Fly Well Travel Representatives in every way possible, but no guarantees.


11) Health:

Fly Well Travel recommends that you contact your physician before beginning your travel. Fly Well Travel takes no responsibility for any health requirements, although, where possible will try to provide current information if needed & requested.


12) Modifications of Terms:

We reserve the right to amend the terms, conditions, and notices under which our products and information are offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with our products, services and information. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Your continued use of our website, products and information constitutes your agreement to all terms, conditions, and notices. All trademarks and copyrights, including logos and brand names, are the property of their respective owners. References to brand names and logos are for descriptive purposes only and their use does not imply endorsement by or association with the brand name owners.


13) Disclosure:

Fly Well Travel hereby ensures that security measures and non disclosure policy are being used to protect the privacy of all data of customers.


14) Governing law:

All agreements in this website and or all related correspondence with customers are construed in accordance with the Egyptian Law.


15) Fly Well Travel – Contact details:

Head office – post Code 12411

23 (A) Ahmed Oraby St. Mohandesseen

Giza – Greater Cairo


Tel: +202 3305 8885 (10 Lines) / +202 3305 5232

Fax: +202 3345 0227

Mobil: +2 01017617816

E-mail: sales@flywellegypt.com

Website: www.flywellegypt.com

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Travel Insurance: It is very strongly recommended for your protection for all travel.

Other   You are responsible for all legal country entry and exit requirements including visa and passports and to reconfirm all international airline flights personally or to be assured by others that they have reconfirmed.