Tour Information

Tour Information

Private Tour means Private – Your “group” is only those family members and friends with whom you have booked.

Personal – Attention is individualized, every question is answered…you are treated as the honored guest you are.

Guided – By Guides who are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Pace – Tour and sightseeing as it suits you.

Departures – Tours can start any day or time you may wish.   You will be greeted at the airport.  The Itinerary may vary slightly from the above to accommodate flight schedules, cruise timings and availability, and other factors. All sight seeing and services as stated will be included.

Why Egypt Magic

– see what you want, when you want at your pace. Follow your interest.  Designed for young and less young.  As you wish.

– Expert Professional Guide – vital for scholar or fascinated youngster or holiday traveler

– make best use of your valuable time, no waiting around.  Reliable and good quality hotels, vehicles and staff

– start – finish when you want. Relax or see more. Sample local cafes and culture if you wish.

– daily departures of course designed around your schedule.

– no waiting for buses and others!

– AND you will be surprised at how affordable this all is!

Small Groups

Small Group Travel

Perhaps you are considering taking a Small Group to Egypt or Jordan?  Organizing a religious trip? Planning a family reunion or celebration? Putting together a trip for your school or university?  Egypt will surely be a memorable destination for it.

We will customize an itinerary that will suit your group’s preferences and goals at a price that works within your budget.

Student and Faculty Educational Tours

Archaeological Tours

Historical Tours of Ancient Egypt

Religious Tours – Egypt is rich in the Islamic, Christian, Coptic and Jewish traditions

Culinary focused tours

Photography Tours or Art Tours


Our Guides

All our Guides are professional, trained and extremely knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt or Jordan and todays Egypt or Jordan.

To give you an idea of who our Egyptologists are, here are a few details of some:

Catherine  comes from the city of Luxor.  So as she says the thing to do there is become a Guide.  She grew up with some of Egypt’s wonders right next door, so its no wonder she is an expert on Ancient Egypt.   She is also very much a part of modern Egypt and its future.  Whilst she lives in Cairo now, just a stones throw from the Pyramids of course, she travels the country extensively and regularly.

Abdul  is licensed in Egyptian Archaeology from Cairo University and  also holds a Diploma in Guidance from the Faculty of Tourism &  Hotel Management.   Abdul joined the excavations in  Kom Ombo zone where this site was a settlement of priests dating  from the Greco-Roman period through the Coptic period.  He  joined the American Mission of Minnesota University in the
Eastern Desert working on surveying, documenting, drawing and  photographing of the graffiti glyphs on stones throughout the
desert valleys.  Abdul has vast experience guiding groups and  individuals of many nationalities to all historic sites in  Egypt.

Magdy George – an Egyptologist based in Luxor was quite simply born to be a expert in Egyptology. He was born right next to what has recently been excavated to uncover part of Luxor’s remarkable Avenue of the Sphinx’s. When in Luxor he will no doubt point out his home and where he was born.

As part of his Egyptology University studies he took time to research specifically the everyday lives, the society, pastimes, struggles and educational systems that existed in Ancient Egypt. He can explain how truly ahead of their time they were.

Having a wealth of knowledge about Egypt, like so many of our Guides he brings to life Ancient Egypt in his own, friendly style inviting conversation and questions. If you wish he will even do a special tutorial on Hieraglyphics which will be much enjoyed by all ages!

Your Window into Egypt

Your  Private Tour of Egypt will be arranged and  operated by Flywell Travel Egypt, who are actually located in Cairo, Egypt.

Being located in  Egypt’s and the regions most important city, they have the latest details, updates and best prices.

If you wish to arrange one of the Suggested Private Tour itineraries detailed on this web site, or want a Customized Private Tour itinerary please click here to contact Flywell Egypt in Cairo.

Your Private Tour. How it works.

At The Airport

On arrival into Cairo Airport you will be met by the Tour Leader.   Due to their Licensing and Security Clearance they are mostly able to meet you virtually off the plane so as to assist you through getting your Visa, Customs and Immigration and reclaiming baggage.  You will them be taken to you hotel by the Tour Leader with a Driver.

Similarly on leaving you will be helped through to the Security check area.


On Tour

For all sightseeing you will be guided by an Egyptologist.  These men or women are professionals, they are all academics and Egyptologists who have remarkable knowledge about Egypt’s antiquities.  You will also find them a fountain of information about more recent history and todays regional scene.


You will have a dedicated Driver and vehicle – normally a mini van style vehicle but it may be bigger if you are a larger party.  In a country where traffic and roads are lets say ‘varied’ you will find the drivers to be cautious men, well versed in the flows of traffic – something much appreciated especially in Cairo.

If you are also visiting Luxor/Aswan you will normally fly there and have a different Driver and Egyptologist Team


The Day

All the hotels provide a full, normally buffet style, extensive breakfast.  Complete with Egyptian and Western options.

You will normally agree the day before on the start time for the day’s activities.  Especially in summer and especially if visiting the Pyramids an early start is good so as to avoid the heat and crowds.  You can discuss your interests and the pace of the sightseeing with your Egyptologist.

Water is provided in the vehicle and you will stop for lunch, which is not included.  It can be no more than a drink or a full meal – as you wish.

The days sightseeing will be 6-8 hours normally.  There may be quite a bit of walking sometimes on uneven terrain but needs or restrictions can be catered for.

The evenings, when staying in hotels are free.  Hotels mostly have a few dining options and our Guides can suggest local options too.  When on a Nile Cruise all meals are included and often guests enjoy some form of entertainment if they wish.


To Cruise of Not?

Cruising the Nile is of course a wonderful experience.  Egypt exists because of The Nile so it is a vibrant and interesting journey.  We only use the best upscale vessels to ensure cleanliness, good food and safety.  The vessels have 50-60 cabins and thus 100-120 passengers and so you are inevitably with other people when you visit the intermediate sights between Luxor and Aswan.

You can also choose to stay in hotels at Luxor and Aswan and you see exactly the same sights whether you go by road or river.  If staying in hotels you can explore Luxor and Aswan in the evenings too and they are lovely, atmospheric places for sure.


The Hotel

We only propose the better hotels so as to ensure cleanliness, amenities and security.  The locations can be in the center of Cairo or near the Pyramids.   Similarly in Luxor or Aswan they are five star and may be on the banks of the Nile, or, in the case of Aswan, on an island in the Nile!

All the hotels have the amenities you would expect of five star hotels and a full breakfast is always included.


Need Help?

If you have a disability or simply want more time then a Private Tour is for you where such things can easily be accommodated.


Flywell Egypt

Your private tour is arranged, operated and managed by Flywell Travel Egypt, who have decades of tour management and operation experience.  You deal with, contract with, arrange with Flywell, who are based in central Cairo and up to date on every aspect of your tour and more.