Catherine in Alexandria

Catherine in Alexandria

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All our Guides are professional, trained and extremely knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt and todays Egypt.  To give you an idea of who our Egyptologists are, here are a few details of some:

Catherine pictured to the right, comes from the city of Luxor.  So as she says the thing to do there is become a Guide.  She grew up with some of Egypt’s wonders right next door, so its no wonder she is an expert on Ancient Egypt.   She is also very much a part of modern Egypt and its future.  Whilst she lives in Cairo now, just a stones throw from the Pyramids of course, she travels the country extensively and regularly.




Abdul explaining the detail

Abdul  is licensed in Egyptian Archaeology from Cairo University and  also holds a Diploma in Guidance from the Faculty of Tourism &  Hotel Management.   Abdul joined the excavations in  Kom Ombo zone where this site was a settlement of priests dating  from the Greco-Roman period through the Coptic period.  He  joined the American Mission of Minnesota University in the
Eastern Desert working on surveying, documenting, drawing and  photographing of the graffiti glyphs on stones throughout the
desert valleys.  Abdul has vast experience guiding groups and  individuals of many nationalities to all historic sites in  Egypt.


Magdy George

Magdy George

Magdy George – an Egyptologist based in Luxor was quite simply born to be a expert in Egyptology. He was born right next to what has recently been excavated to uncover part of Luxor’s remarkable Avenue of the Sphinx’s. When in Luxor he will no doubt point out his home and where he was born.

As part of his Egyptology University studies he took time to research specifically the everyday lives, the society, pastimes, struggles and educational systems that existed in Ancient Egypt. He can explain how truly ahead of their time they were.

Having a wealth of knowledge about Egypt, like so many of our Guides he brings to life Ancient Egypt in his own, friendly style inviting conversation and questions. If you wish he will even do a special tutorial on Hieraglyphics which will be much enjoyed by all ages!


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